Produce Semen

Produce Semen With Semenax

Posted on October 1, 2009
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Produce Semen

The Science Behind Semenax Ejaculation Volume Boosters

It’s essential to understand the basic process of a man’s ejaculation in order to know what role a good amount of sperm plays.

When a man reaches the apex of sexual stimulation, several muscle groups work together to cause climax.

These muscle groups include the PC muscle, the anal sphincter, perineum and rectum, as well as the penis’ seminal muscles and canals, which all contract to cause a man to orgasm. The man’s semen is ejaculated through the act of these contracting muscles. Every .8 seconds, the man experiences strong muscle contractions in his penis, which repeat in strong levels. As the orgasm continues, the contractions become less dramatic, as well as happen less frequently.

However, the length of your orgasm depends directly on the amount of semen it needs to ejaculate, and as such it needs to contract as many times as it needs to get the semen out. Produce semen in greater amounts and you will experience more contractions.

As a result, there are several items on the market that serve to increase a man’s seminal fluid volume, to help them lengthen their orgasm. The bulk of these products are designed to maximize the sexual pleasure of an orgasm to produce semen. There is one product out there that will also ehnance a man’s reproductive health, as well as is designed to maximize both partner’s pleasure. The name of this product is Semenax, which is one of the best products out there  for active men.

Many varying components come together to form a man’s reproductive system; they have to be in  prime condition to work well. Each one of these essential parts of the reproductive process must be enhanced with a quality supplement for your semen.

Ejaculatory channels: During climax, the semen will be transported through these channels.

Epididymis: This is where sperm ripens, as it’s held there from the seminiferous tubules. Orgasm allows the sperm to finally leave.

Testes and Testicles: Sperm and testosterone are produced by your testes. Within your testis, there are seminiferous tubules, nearly a kilometer long, which are what create your sperm.

Prostate Gland: Seminal fluid is partially created here, in liquid form. Another function the prostate provides is to close off the bladder’s urethral duct, so that your seminal fluid doesn’t have urine in it, which could jeopardize the sperm inside.

Seminal Vesicles: This is what primarly creates the seminal fluid, which will nourish and protect your sperm once it is ejacuated into the female body.

Vas Deferens: These connect the seminal vesicles to the epididymis. While you can take advantage of volume capsules and herbal supplements, it might help your sperm count and semen production to take small steps to improve your overall reproductive health.

Produce Semen

It can also be a grave concern for some men to have more semen. In the event that you worry about this, it’ll do you well to find a supplement that addresses both these issues. You’ll have a much larger volume of semen, as well as a more potent load. Semenex provides both of these needs.

Contained within the volume pills are amino acids, which help build protein, in addition to all manner of exotic herbs. If you’re searching for herbal supplements, look for the components that have been proven over time to legitimately produce semen and sperm count, and you’ll see your needs met. Look for the following listings for such products:

L-ARGININE HCL – This product has been proven to increase sperm production, as well as the potentcy of the sperm no matter their count, and the supplement strengthens the sperm  greatly.

L-LYSINE – If you combine this animo acid with zinc, your sperm count will increase as testosterone levels highten.

EPIMEDIUM SAGITTATUM – This supplement is often  known as “horny goat weed,” and increases sperm production and libido.

ZINC OXIDE – This will produce more testosterone, which will in turn make your sperm up to 200% more motile,  and produce more.

L-CARNITINE – Healthy sperm has high levels of this amino acid. It will make your sperm far more motile than it currently is.

CATUABA BARK – Your whole reproductive system will be enhanced by this plant, including your libido.

PUMPKIN SEED – This will generate helpful hormones. MACA – The South Americans swear by the effectiveness of this plant.

Produce Semen

If you get a highly rated supplement, you can get a satisfaction guarantee on  the product. Make sure to be careful when buying herbal supplements; rely on good reputation and a long history of good quality products. Semenax has been proven to be the most reliable, trusted product to help you increase semen production.

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